Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Dunking Experience

Regular readers of this blog know how much we parrots love dunking. Sometimes we do it to soften up our food for eating, but often we do it with no thought of eating in mind. You could say it’s more of an art form. So, anyhow, the other day as I was enjoying a bowl of soup with my person, I spied out of the corner of my ever-vigilant parrot eye the perfect dunking material—it was an entire sheet of paper that had been crumpled up and left lying on the table. Well naturally I grabbed it with my beak, hauled it over to the soup bowl (it wasn’t heavy but was quite a bit longer than me) and dropped it right into the soup. But then, just as I was stepping back to admire my work, what do you think my person did? She picked the paper up and threw it away! Those people. They just don’t know art when they see it.

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