Sunday, February 23, 2014

Busy, busy, busy

February is almost over and I've hardly posted at all this month.

"What a lazy creature!" I hear you saying. "She's turning from a parrot into a sloth."

You may think I'm living the life of Riley, but the fact is, as a pet parrot I have many duties and responsibilities that keep me busy all day long. It starts in the morning, when I have to make sure my person gets up on time. Usually she does, but just in case she doesn't, I'm always ready to give a few loud squawks to remind her that it's time for her to get up and take care of her responsibilities (number 1 responsibility: feed me). Then I have to sit on her shoulder while she exercises, and after that I have to sit on her shoulder all morning while she works.

At lunch time, my job is to take some of the tastier bits off my person's plate and eat them myself, just to make sure that she doesn't overeat. While I do this, I have to make sure to leave a lot of crumbs lying around so that she will have something to clean up. (Tip: It's really important to keep your people busy, otherwise they get cranky and might cause you some trouble.)

In the afternoon, it's back to sitting on my person's shoulder while she works. And at all times I have to keep an eye out for hawks, cats, scissors, and other predators and warn my person of their presence by squawking loudly and biting her ear. I tell you, I'm always exhausted by the end of the day and am very happy to spend a few quiet moments in my cage nibbling on a seed treat. So you see, it's a miracle I find any time at all to blog. I really enjoy it, though, so thanks for reading!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

….and yet another parrot poem

The Parrot's February Lament
by Shadow

I look outside my window
And see the sky so gray,
And ice and snow are all around--
Winter is here to stay.

I care not what the groundhog says
Whether spring is far or near--
I look outside my window
And see that winter is still here.

For now I'm safe and warm inside.
In my cage I've nothing to fear.
I care not what the groundhog says.
I'll just wait for spring to appear.