Monday, April 28, 2014

A Good Cup of Coffee

Do you like coffee? I do. Sipping coffee can really brighten up the day. It's different from tea. When there's a cup of tea around, I like to sit on the rim of the cup, dip my beak in, and lick the little drops of tea off the end of my beak. Whether it's herb tea or black tea, it's a very tasty drink. Coffee, on the other hand, is not so tasty. That's why I let my person do all the tasting. She sips the coffee and I sit on her shoulder and make little sipping and gurgling noises while she drinks. It's really fun. I like anything that makes a good sound, and sipping coffee is one of the funnest sounds I know.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Friend

I had a nice little chat with the microwave oven today.
"Beep!" said the oven.
"Beep!" I replied.
There's just something about that microwave oven that I feel like I can talk with it in a way that I can't with anyone else. It's important to have friends like that, don't you think?