Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Good Morning!

Don't you just love morning? I wait in the darkness of my covered cage listening to the sounds of my person moving around the house, waiting, waiting for her to come into my room. When she finally does come in and pulls the cover off my cage, I squawk for joy. Then I squawk and squawk some more just to greet the morning. It's such a wonderful time of day -- I get fresh food in my food dish, I have a whole day of paper shredding to look forward to, not to mention my morning walk and maybe even a shower with the spray bottle, and who knows what other exciting things may happen during the day. The morning always holds so much promise. Yes, I am definitely a morning bird. I guess most birds are!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Back from Vacation

Well, I'm back from vacation, and I have to say it wasn't all that exciting. I went to Trouble's house. I spent the whole time lounging around in my cage and squawking at the TV. After a few days, my person arrived to pick me up and bring me back home. Finally! I don't know why people like vacations so much. I'm much happier now that I'm back at work -- chewing up books, squawking at the printer, and sitting on my person's shoulder. I sure hope I don't have to take another vacation again soon.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth

Happy 4th of July to those of you who enjoy his holiday. I don't much because all it means is that I have to spend the day alone in my cage while my person goes to the parade. But she'll probably leave me lots of treats, and also I have plenty of popsicle sticks to chew while I wait for her to return, so at least that's something. The other think about this holiday is that it's all about red, white and blue. What's the point of that? Now a holiday that's all about green, like my beautiful feathers, is something I could really celebrate.