Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Chores

It's still warm outside and I went out in my carrier again this morning but not for a walk. This time I was helping my person mow the lawn. While she pushes the lawn mower back and forth, I keep an eye out for predators. Helping with the lawn mowing is my main outside chore, though sometimes I help out with the gardening, too. I sit in my carrier and watch for predators while my person plants, weeds, and waters, though often she just does that by herself and doesn't let me help. That makes me a bit nervous because I don't like to think of her out there alone with all those predators around. The one chore I refuse to help out with is weed whacking. I don't like the sound of that weed whacker at all! However, I bet the predators don't like it either so I don't mind letting my person go outside alone for that chore.

Monday, April 16, 2012

At Last!

It certainly isn't chilly today. In fact, it is quite warm, and guess what? I went outside in my carrier! It was so exciting. There was so much to see outside, I didn't know what to look at, so I just kept looking around at everything -- at the sky and the clouds, the trees and bushes, the road with the cars rushing by, all the outside birds, everything! The brook was rushing over the rocks and the birds were singing and it was all wonderful. My person says it will probably get cold again, at least for a little while. I sure hope it doesn't because I want to go outside in my carrier everyday. It's almost as good as eating walnuts. Almost.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Sounds of Early Spring

Things outside are looking greener everyday though it's still a bit chilly for me to go outside. However, I can enjoy it from the comfort of my windowsill. Some of the outside birds are returning from their winter vacation. Sometimes a phoebe sits on the clothesline post. Poor thing with its dull brown feathers, nothing at all like beautiful brilliant and colorful parrot feathers. But it does have an interesting screech. I like to listen to it call "Phoebe! Phoebe!" with its raspy voice. And I like to listen to the Canada geese when they fly over head, "Honk! Honk!" The outside birds make some very interesting sounds, though of course none of them can squawk as beautifully as a parrot.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Birthday Party

Today was my birthday party. Fifteen years ago I hatched out of my egg. So I guess it was really a hatchday party. Anyway, It was really fun. My person baked a cake with walnuts in it and the guests brought me presents, and guess what the presents were. Walnuts! And when everyone sang "Happy Birthday to You" (It really should have been Happy Hatchday to You), I squawked right along in my very loudest voice. Everyone paid attention to me and it was all about me. It was so much fun. Also, it was my friend April's birthday yesterday, but her birthday party is tomorrow. That's April with me in the picture.