Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year

2012 is almost here, and I hope it turns out to be a squawking good year for everyone. May 2012 bring everyone all the walnuts and seed treats they desire, lots of old books and boxes and papers to shred, a warm comfortable cage to sleep in (with full food dishes) and, most of all, at least one kind person to love and pet you.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Snow and Treats

It looks like more winter has arrived. There’s snow all over the place outside. My person says it’s not much more than a dusting, but the outside sure looks white to me, and that’s a very nerve-wracking situation for a little green parrot such as myself. It’s a good thing I don’t have to go out there. I happy to stay inside and enjoy one of my favorite winter treats—clementines. Yummy. There’s nothing quite so delicious as sucking the sweet juice out of a clementine. The fact that it’s clementine season kind of makes up for the snow and cold outside. Kind of. Also, my person baked gingerbread cookies, and they were delicious, too. Then Trouble was here and I got to eat some of her grapes. All in all, it’s been a good week for treats, so I guess I can’t complain too much.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Visitors in White and Gray

Well, that snow showed up again last night. But it’s December now so I guess it’s all right if the snow wants to start hanging around a bit. There’s not a whole lot of it out there anyhow. I guess it decided to start out small. But you sure won’t see me going outside as long as any of that white stuff’s around. Uh uh. I’m staying safely inside until it’s all nice and green out there again.
Then that gray parrot, Trouble, decided to come for a visit this week. So she’s out there in the living room sitting on top of her cage talking her head off: “Hiya bird! Apple and a grape! Ready for breakfast?” What a show off. Personally, I think a nice simple phrase like “Pretty bird” says it all. That’s all you’ll ever hear ME saying!