Saturday, June 15, 2013

Back from Vacation

So here's another thing I don't get -- vacations. I just returned from one and I'm left feeling: "Huh?" Not that I had a bad time or anything. My person dropped me off at Trouble's house, where I sat around in my cage for a week wondering why I was there. Trouble's person fed me melons and grapes (which, by the way, my own person almost NEVER feeds me at home), so that part was good. But the rest was rather ho hum. I just stayed in my cage and chewed and squawked and did all the usual things. So, aside from those melons and grapes, I'm wondering why people think vacations are such a big deal. They're not much different from staying home. I don't know where my person was all week. I'm guessing at someone else's house eating melons and grapes.