Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Summer in Winter

You know what’s really nice? The aroma and taste of wild raspberries on a stark winter day. When I sink my beak into a raspberry, it brings to mind all sorts of lovely images of warm summer days - flowers blooming, insects buzzing, warm sunshine on my feathers. . . . . My person and I picked a lot of wild raspberries last summer. OK, she picked them while I sat in my carrier and squawked at the robins, but still, I was there when they were picked. There were so many, we couldn’t eat them all right away, so now we are enjoying the berries my person has been keeping in the freezer. They taste just like a little bit of summer. What about you? Do you like to eat berries in the winter? What do they remind you of?


cocs said...

i love cheese. my person tries to feed me black berries but they're as big as my head and i'm afraid of them.

Unknown said...

I like berries in my salad, but my person doesn't give them to me too often.

Nice to chat. Gotta nap.