Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Place to Perch

Sometimes all you need is a good place to perch. Some days it’s all rainy and cold and I can’t go outside in my carrier or sit by the open window and talk to the outside birds. Or I might get to thinking about my true love Quentie, who I had to leave behind in the city when my person and I came here to live. Or maybe my person forgets to give me my afternoon treat. Yep, some days can look pretty dreary, even to a bright green parrot like me. But then I notice the laundry rack right there in the middle of the living room just waiting to be perched on, so I fly to it and sit on the very top bar and stretch and preen and let out a few loud squawks, and the day starts looking pretty good. The right place to perch can really make a difference, don’t you think?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

What happened to summer?

One day it’s all warm and sunny and I’m hanging out on the windowsill talking to the outside birds and going outside for walks in my carrier, and the next day it’s chilly and rainy and the window is shut tight and my carrier is nowhere to be seen. I don’t like being shut up inside on a gray, wet day like this. I sure hope the sun comes back tomorrow. Well, anyhow, at least I still have strawberries in my dish, so that’s something. And speaking of outside birds, those phoebes that built their nest right outside our kitchen window are gone. They just disappeared. Mrs. Phoebe sat on that nest for like a month and then one day we didn’t see her anymore. We still hear the phoebe pair calling “Phoebe! Phoebe!” out in our woods, but they’ve never come back to the nest. We started wondering what was inside it. Did the eggs just not hatch? Did the babies die? Finally, the other day my person took the nest down and we looked inside, and guess what we saw? Nothing. That’s right. Absolutely nothing. Poor Mrs. Phoebe hadn’t laid even one egg. Maybe she’ll try again next year.

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Joys of Summer

Imagine my delight when I peeked into my food dish this morning and found strawberries! Mmmmm, seedy! Now I know summer is really here.
Now that I have recovered from my fright of last week, I have ventured back onto the windowsill a few times to check out the outside birds, though it is a bit nerve wracking since there are always cars and trucks speeding by. But despite that I’ve had some good communication with the outside birds. They chirp and twitter and sing, and I chime in with squawks and beeps, and sometimes I throw in a “Pretty bird!” or two for good measure. We’ve had some interesting conversations.