Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Do you have telephones in your house? We do, and I think they're just wonderful. First of all, whenever one gets dialed, it makes the most interesting beeping noises, and I beep right along with them. Also, my person talks to the telephone frequently, and I just love the sound of her voice when she does that. I snuggle up under her chin and chirp and coo while she talks. Last night while we were
doing this, the telephone started talking to me! It said, "Hi, Shadow. Pretty bird. Pretty bird." So I said "Pretty bird" right back to it! Then I noticed the buttons on the phone and reached out my beak to chew one, but before I could get even one bite, my person moved the phone away. Then she put me in my cage. Hmmmph! I keep thinking about all those delicious buttons just waiting to be chewed. One day I'll find a way to get my beak on them. You'll see. Anyhow, I just love telephones and I think every house should have at least one.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Table Manners

OK, that gray parrot, Trouble, may know how to talk, but she doesn't know how to eat right. She has no table manners at all. My person let her come to the breakfast table the other day and what you think she did? She just stuck her beak in the cereal bowl and started flinging cereal all over the place. Me, I never fling. When I eat cereal, I let the crumbs drop to the floor, and when I am done nibbling on a piece, I let that drop to the floor, too, before I pick up another one. That's what floors are for. Duh.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Guest Blogger: Trouble

Shadow has kindly allowed me to write a guest post on her blog while I am staying at her house this week. As you can see from the photo, I am having a wonderful time here. For two nights in a row, Shadow's person has served me the most delicious dessert -- ice cream topped with whipped cream. Yummy! I just love sticking my beak into those soft mounds of whipped cream. The ice cream is pretty good, too. Actually, it's really frozen yogurt. It's made just down the road from here at Cobb Hill. My favorite flavor is peppermint chocolate chip (Shadow's person removes the chocolate chips from my servings). Actually, that's the only flavor I've had so far. But I wouldn't mind having it every night for a week. I hope I get to! So, my person can stay out of town as long as he wants. OK, I don't really mean that. I miss him, but eating Cobb Hill frozen yogurt kind of makes up for his absence.