Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Sometimes my person can be so annoying! For example, I spent several minutes this morning throwing all the pens out of the pen holder, and what does she go and do? She puts all those pens that I worked so hard to remove right back in the pen holder. So I had to take them out all over again. Arrrggg!!! And then there’s the printer. I just love hanging out on top of the printer. First of all, there are all those buttons to chew. I’ve done quite a bit of chewing but haven’t chewed them all off yet, so there’s still work to do there. And I always enjoy peeking into that little dark space behind the printer just in case something interesting to see shows up there. And of course, there are several cables sticking out from the sides and the back of the printer and I would just looooove to get my beak on those. But my person sure doesn’t make it easy. Just recently she put up a barrier of pieces of cardboard all around the printer. I’ve been working hard all day to chew that barrier down, but there’s still lots more to do. Then my person has the nerve to get mad about all the little bits of chewed up cardboard flying around. Well, if she doesn’t like them, all she has to do is take the barrier down. Duh!