Saturday, May 19, 2012

Back in the Parrot Cave

I've been in a really chew-y mood recently, so I've been spending a lot of time in the parrot cave chewing my way through my collection of old books. It's really fun! I can create a huge pile of chewed-up page pieces in just a few hours. They pile up behind the printer and spill out onto my person's computer and also all over the floor. When I survey the results of my work at the end of the day, I really feel like I've accomplished something. But then my person comes along with that nasty vacuum cleaner and sucks it all away. No matter how hard I squawk (and I have to admit, I sometimes even bite), I can't get her to stop. She really needs some obedience training.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Do you have a printer in your house? We have one, and it's a very interesting creature. Most of the time it just sits there quietly, but every once in a while, without warning, it starts rumbling and shaking and whirring and pushing paper through. Like anything, it needs a few squawks to help it along, which I'm happy to provide. After the paper goes through, my person takes it away. I'm not sure what all this printer activity is about, but I enjoy it anyway.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


All right. That does it. My person is eating peanut M & Ms and won't share them with me. She says it's because parrots can't eat chocolate, but that just sounds like an excuse to me. What she really means is that she wants to eat them all herself. Meanie. OK, just wait till I get some walnuts. I'm going to eat them all myself and not give her even one little bite.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Catbird Seat

That catbird's back in town. It's taken a seat somewhere near my window and I often hear it out there mewing and mewing. Is it trying to pretend it's a predator, or what? But despite the predatory sounds they make, I rather like catbirds. Lots of migratory birds are coming back to town and I look forward to talking with them as soon as it's warm enough to open the window. I won't be sitting in any catbird seat when I do that, though. I will take my usual parrot seat on the windowsill.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Rain, rain, go away

It's been nothing but clouds and rain and cold weather all week long. When, oh when will it warm up again so I can go outside in my carrier? Sigh. There's not much a little green parrot can do about it but chew a few popsicle sticks and wait patiently. On a brighter note, I experienced a new treat for breakfast this morning -- stewed rhubarb with yogurt and a little bit of cereal. It wasn't bad. Also my person and I have been eating lots of salads. I just love love love shredded carrots. Shredded red cabbage isn't bad either. So I guess behind every cloud there is a silver lining, or at least a tasty treat to eat.