Thursday, December 11, 2008

Love to Eat!

There are so many fun and tasty things to eat. At the top of my list, of course, are sunflower seeds and walnuts. YUM-MY! I’d do anything for a sunflower seed or walnut. Actually, I’m pretty lucky because my person puts a couple of bits of walnut in my food dish everyday. I also love anything made of corn—cereal, bread, corn kernels, corn on the cob, etc. Carrots are good, too. It’s really fun to chew a carrot and let the juicy orange bits fly all over the place. And I love sinking my beak into a pile of mashed potatoes. I like eating ice cream once in a while. I scrape up little bits with the sharp tip of my beak, then stick out my tongue and lick it off. It’s cold, but sweet. What else? Oh, berries are great because they’re filled with seeds. Green beans are too. Did you know that? It’s true. If you open up a green bean, you’ll find some pretty tasty seeds inside. Of course I eat my pellets everyday, but I like to eat other things too. What about you? What are some of your favorite things to eat?

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