Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lots of Changes

We finally got the power back, but that didn't mean things got back to normal. My cage is not in the living room any more, but it's not back in my old room either. It's in an entirely new room in an entirely new house. My person says that this is where we will be living now. I guess it's all right, but nobody told me about it or asked me if I wanted to change houses or anything. All these changes are very confusing for a little green parrot like me. But I guess my new room is OK. Most important, I still have my cage, and most of the rest of the furniture looks the same. One really nice thing is that the walls of my new room are green. . . just like me!

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Anonymous said...


This is my fourth home, and my fourth person. My person took me to a smelly home elsewhere after a long ride, but we came back. I like having my places to sleep, to eat, to sniff things. I like knowing how to get outside, where the food is, and things like that. Routine is comfortable.

I'm glad you like your new home. And I'm glad you are closer to my home, too!