Monday, December 1, 2008


I’m sure glad I have a nice, cozy cage inside a comfortable, warm house because today the outside is covered with slushy snow. And snow is another thing that’s on my list of predators. It looks OK when it’s lying quietly on the ground, but don’t let appearances fool you. Snow has this mischievous way of sliding off the roof or jumping off of tree branches right when you least expect it. It goes flying past the window, then lands on the ground with a heavy thump. You’d better believe I start squawking when I see that go by my window. That scary snow keeps me busy all day long squawking and squawking to keep it out of the house and away from my cage. Nope, you just can’t trust snow.

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Anonymous said...


I'm with you on the snow. You don't know how lucky you are that you can stay inside your cage when the snow is out there. It's so cold on my feet, and it is slippery and slidy, and it cakes in between my toes. I wish my person would let me go inside, because I hate having to go out in the snow every time I have to pee. Snow is weird, too. It gets on my coat, and then when I come it, I'm wet.

And what's so bad about yellow snow anyway?