Sunday, December 14, 2008


The worst part of a power outage is the change in routine. We parrots really like routines and when something about the daily schedule changes, it's really discombobulating (we like big words too!). Also, if your person puts your cage in a different place, that's kind of confusing, too. For the past three days, my cage has been in the living room. My person says it's because it's warmer in there near the wood stove. I guess I like being warm, but I really would rather be in my own room like always. The fire is pretty interesting though. It makes all kinds of neat noises like crackling and roaring. I am very interested in it. Unfortunately, my person won't let me get anywhere near it. All in all, despite the interesting wood stove, I think I would have to say that power outages are confusing and not entirely comfortable. I hope this one is over soon.

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Anonymous said...


We didn't lose power here. I like it when we lose power because my person doesn't sit at the computer so much, and she pets me more. Sometimes that leads to ear cleaning and toe nail clipping and other tortures, but usually we just lie around with a book.

I don't like the cold though. I really need a pair of boots. Today, my person had to carry me back into the house after our morning walk because I couldn't find flat places to put my feet.

The fire is great. I love the glow, something I can actually see!