Monday, November 29, 2010


Sometimes even the best of people need a little reminder. While I’m the first to acknowledge that my person is very kind and attentive, even she needs a little nudge every once in a while. The other day it was about my seed treat, which my person gives me every afternoon. Sometimes it comes early, sometimes later, but it always tastes good whenever it arrives. The other day, my person had happened to leave the seed treat container out on top of the cabinet instead of inside it, so I had a good view of it from my cage. All afternoon I was eyeing that treat container, wondering when my person would finally open it up and give me my treat. Every time she went near it, I thought, “Now! Now! I’m finally going to get my treat!” But it didn’t happen. The day dragged on, the sky started to grow dark, and still my treat hadn’t appeared. I realized I would have to take matters into my own beak, so to speak. So I left the comfort of my cage and flew over to the treat container and started poking around it, trying to find the way in. Finally my person realized what I was doing and, full of apologies, she opened the container and gave me my treat. At least she didn’t make me chew all the way through the lid myself. Not that I couldn’t, but can you imagine! It would’ve taken a good while. The treat tasted delicious and I forgave my person for her forgetfulness right away. After all, nobody’s perfect, right?

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