Monday, November 1, 2010


Don’t you just hate it when your person goes out and stays out ALL DAY, leaving you all by yourself in your cage? That’s what happened yesterday and I was just soooo mad! What does she expect me to do all day all by myself in my cage? After I ate my pellets and tossed some apple pieces around the cage and played with my toothbrush, well, then what was I supposed to do? I talked with the furnace for a while and had a brief conversation with the refrigerator, but I have to say, conversation with those two gets boring pretty quickly as they never seem to have anything new to say. By the time my person finally got home I was pretty mad, but then I was so happy to see her, I just squawked with joy and sat on her shoulder and snuggled up to her neck. People. You just can’t stay mad with them long, no matter what they do.

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Unknown said...


My person does this almost every day. I sleep a lot, and I eat and drink, and the best is when she leaves me a marrow bone. I don't even notice when she leaves when she's given me a marrow bone. When she's gone really long, then I pee and poop in the house. I don't think about it much until she comes home, and I can't stop wriggling and jumping. Then when she sees the garbage I've strewn on the floor, or the presents, as she calls them, I feel guilty. You're right. People are just too lovable to stay mad at, but life is really lonely when they aren't home.