Thursday, December 9, 2010

In the Bag

As a female parrot, I’m very nest oriented, so I’m always looking for dark enclosed places to hang out in and chew. That’s why I just love bags. The other day, my person hung one of those reusable shopping bags on the chair where we usually sit, so I figured I’d help her reuse it. She used it for shopping and now I’m reusing it for playing. Some times I hang on the outside of the bag and chew my way in. Other times I stick my head inside and chew my way out. Either way it’s really fun and I’m amassing quite a good pile of little green bag bits on the floor below. Of course, when my person sees that, she threatens to bring out the vacuum cleaner, and we know how I feel about that monster. Sigh. I guess everything has its little drawbacks.

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