Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. This year I’m giving thanks for all the friends who surround me:
- the furnace, who keeps us warm all winter
- the toaster oven, who ticks and dings and makes delicious toast for me to eat
- the coffeepot, who entertains me with its gurgling noises
- the refrigerator, who keeps my walnuts fresh and tasty
- the paper shredder and the pencil sharpener, who are always ready for an interesting conversation
- Trouble the gray parrot, who always brings grapes when she comes to visit
- my person, who takes good care of me and one day might buy me my very own grapes


Unknown said...

It's hard to slow down enough to be thankful. I have to stop being excited for what's going on and what's coming next. I'm thankful for my person, the good smells on the road, the beautiful Great Dane across the road I dream about, the good tasting stuff my person puts in my dog food, and rides in the car. And bones. I love bones. There's a bone on the floor here somewhere . . .

(That was from your friend Dijon, who just jumped down from my lap.)

Turkey Soup said...

On Thanksgiving I'm thankful for birds.

bird cage help said...

Ha ha great point of view, makes you wonder if thats what our pet birds actually think lol.