Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Favorite Word

Although I am fond of a number of words, I think I can say without a doubt that my favorite one of all is “treat.” Now that’s a word that really makes my feathers stand up. As soon as I hear my person say it, I run or fly as fast as I can to the perch next to my food dish. I get so excited that I can hardly wait for my person to take a seed treat out of the plastic container and put it in my dish. Then I grab it with my foot and nibble and nibble and nibble……Yummy! A seed treat sure tastes good. I know exactly which shelf the treats are kept on, and anytime my person goes near it, I get a little bit excited. But I have to hear the word “treat” before I know for sure that one is on its way to my dish. What about you? What is your favorite word?

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