Friday, December 18, 2009


That shiny new refrigerator that moved in with us last August turns out to be a pretty nice fellow. It’s lot more generous than that stingy coffeepot, for one thing. Not only does it have walnuts inside, but on top it has a whole stash of cereal, and I just loooooove cereal. I don’t know why it took me so long to notice, but I finally realized that the refrigerator keeps a bag of whole grain flakes on its top. Whole grain flakes are my favorite, so you can imagine what I did as soon as I spied that bag. I flew right up there and starting chewing off a corner to get at those lovely crunchy flakes inside. It didn’t take long, and soon I was munching away. Then, wouldn’t you know it, my person saw what I was doing and took me away from there and put me back in my cage. Hmmmph!!! It’s true that I have cereal in my food dish in my cage, but it’s much more fun to eat it out of the bag, don’t you think? Oh , well, I’m sure I’ll find another chance soon to sneak back to that bag and continue my munching.


sometomato said...

Dear Shadow,
This is Miss Duke writing. My refridgerator doesn't have the walnuts inside but rather in a tin beside the beast. BUT, there are other nice things in the fridge - like apples and grapes and pieces of CHEESE.
It sounds like you had some good fun with that cereal bag before you were discovered. Isn't it too bad that those people always have to come around and spoil the fun? However, if our people weren't there we also wouldn't get petted and we wouldn't have all the treats we get - and you khow how you like TREATS!
My person has been giving me a cereal or cracker box with some nuts in it when she goes away for the day. I have a lot of fun tearing up that box to get at the nuts. It makes quite a colorful mess in my cage too!

I also have been having a lot of fun with my parrot pinata, which is probably my favorite toy. There are so many nice pieces to shred in it!

Well, I am very glad you and I are inside and not out in that white stuff today! Brrrr, I can tell it is really cold when the door opens and my person comes in or goes out.

Stay warm, you!

Miss Duke

Shadow said...

Hi Miss Duke,
You're so lucky to have a pinata. I used to have one and I loved it. Mayb my person will get me a new one. I deserve it, don't you think, now that the cereal bag is forbidden to me.

cocs said...

i feel the same way about my seeds. i know some of them are in my feeder but i just love to chew a hole in the bag and eat them out of there. now my person got a airtight plastic container i cant chew thru. i'm with you... these people are the pits! ;)

cocs said...

PS. i want a pinata, too!!! my person almost ordered me one for xmas but i hear she got a climbing toy instead which STILL hasnt shown up in the mailbox yet...