Thursday, November 12, 2009


I thought I’d blog about dunking today since a question came up about that recently. Yes, it’s true that I love to dunk. If there’s a cup of tea around, I start dunking—bits of bagels, pieces of shredded wheat, pellets, whatever I can get my beak on. Partly it’s to soften up the food for eating, but mostly it’s for the fun of watching the food float around in the tea cup. I only actually end up eating just a small portion of what I dunk. And it isn’t just me. Most parrots dunk. Give a parrot a water dish, and she (he) will start dunking away. Some parrots don’t stop at food but will put toys, pieces of paper, anything, into a water dish. Unfortunately, I don’t have a water dish in my cage anymore except on special occasions. My person replaced it with a water bottle. Hmmmm, I wonder why?

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Unknown said...


I don't dunk on purpose, but kibble gets caught in my curls and then falls into my water dish. I don't eat anything when it gets waterlogged that way. Kibble doesn't taste good, and without it's crunch, it's worse than useless. I do like reverse dunks, when my human pours soup or yoghurt on my food. MMmmm.