Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bad Mice

My person and I have been enjoying more Beatrix Potter stories recently. Today we read The Tale of Two Bad Mice. I was quite interested in the story since we have several bad mice of our own living here in the house with us. The bad mice in the story messed up a doll’s house and tried to eat the doll’s house food—those silly bad mice couldn’t figure out that it wasn’t real. We don’t have a doll’s house, but we have a real house with real food and our bad mice hoard the food in the silverware drawer, next to the nests they make of chewed-up cardboard and dryer lint. We parrots actually have great deal in common with mice since we also chew up things to make our nests, and when it comes to making messes, we are the champions. So I wonder, since parrots can chew things up and mess things up at least as well as mice can and are certainly a great deal cuter, why did Beatrix Potter write some many stories about mice and not even one about a parrot?


Unknown said...


I have heard my human saying, "Write what you know." Maybe Beatrix Potter didn't know any parrots. She lived a long time ago in a place that was probably not comfortable for parrots. I haven't had all her stories read to me, but I've yet to hear of a bichon, either. We have mice, but I don't know if they are good or bad. They eat my food, they hide my kibble in places that surprise me, and they never stop to say hello. Maybe they aren't that good.


cocs said...

we have a mouse. it used to live in the kitchen (so i hear). but now it comes upstairs in my room to eat my seed. im fine with the mouse except for earlier in the morning when i think i hear the mouse playing with mom. no that i cannot allow! one of my other people is convinced that mouse and me are friends and playmates since we are both home alone alot in the day. he's writing a mouse & parrot lovestory. isnt that silly? aint no beatrix potter perhaps but... you never know!

Shadow said...

Hi, Coco. Thanks for visiting my blog. A mouse and parrot love story, hmmmm. That's an interesting idea, but I don't think I could love a mouse that ate my seeds! Have you read the story I inspired: "If You Were a Parrot." It's a very nice book, if I do say so myself. There aren't any mice in it, though.