Friday, October 30, 2009

More gurgles from the coffeepot

That coffeepot is at it again, just gurgling away. What a flirt! It gurgles so loudly, you can hear it all over the house. Sometimes when I’m relaxing in my cage enjoying a nice quiet preen, I hear that gurgling sound coming from the kitchen. “I’ve got water! I’ve got water!” it seems to be saying. And of course, I’ve got to drop what I’m doing, even if it’s something important like holding a walnut in my beak, and go check it out. I am a parrot, after all. As I’ve mentioned before, the sound of moving water is very hard to resist. But then when I cozy up next to the coffeepot, it just gurgles coyly and doesn’t let out even one drop of water. Humph! Next time I hear that old gurgling sound, I think I’ll just plug up my ears!

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