Friday, October 23, 2009


Do you read newspapers? I don’t very often, even though I have plenty of opportunity because my person uses them to line the bottom of my cage. However, I don’t generally find them particularly appealing unless, of course, they happen to mention interesting personages such as myself. And that’s just what happened this week. My person’s friend, Judy (who, by the way, is really nice and always lets me sit on her shoulder when she comes over to visit) writes a column for the local newspaper, the Vermont Standard. This week she just happened to mention me and my friend, Trouble (who is already a familiar figure to regular readers of this blog). Actually, she brought up a very important point—that now that the weather is so cold, Trouble and I are stuck inside for the next several months. Neighbors will not be seeing Trouble in her outdoor cage or me in my carrier for a while. But I know both us are looking forward to getting back outside next spring. Oh, fame! First a book inspired by me, and now my name in the headlines. If I weren’t such a modest bird, I’m afraid all this attention would go to my head.

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