Saturday, March 21, 2009

Parrot Poetry

Ode to a Walnut
by Shadow

I think it is my fondest wish
To find a walnut in my dish,
A walnut with its skin so brown
Sitting there without a sound.
I'd bite into it with my beak
And taste the nut's delicious meat.
Eating nuts is a true pleasure.
Walnuts are my greatest treasure.


Anonymous said...

Dear Poet in the Shadows,

How lyrically you wax on walnuts.
How sweetly sing you on the air.
I hope you will continue
To dance without a care.

P.S. Have you tried pistachio nuts? - They're green!

Shadow said...

What a lovely poem, Anonymous. I wish I knew who you were.
Thanks for the tip about green pistachio nuts. I'll have to give them a try.

sometomato said...

dear shadow;
I totally agree with you about walnuts! They are probably my favorite nuts too. I also like almonds, pecans, brazil nuts, and peanuts - although I need some help opening the walnut, brazil nut and pecan shells. A walnut in a shell is such a fun toy, don't you agree?

I like your poem!

best wishes, Miss Duke