Saturday, March 28, 2009


Oh, happy day! I have been dreaming of this all through the long, cold winter, and today it happened--I FINALLY got to go outside for a walk in my carrier. How good it felt to be outside! It was warm and sunny and the sky was blue and the streams were full of sparkling water and the air was fresh. . . . . .It was wonderful. I think spring is my favorite time of year because it is so exciting to go outside in my carrier after being inside all winter. What about you? What do you like about spring?


sometomato said...

Dear Shadow:

I love Spring, too, but I haven't gotten to go outside yet. Lucky you!
I have a big perch right near a big window and I get to watch those other little birds come to feed. I like to watch them, and I often talk to them too. They seem a little afraid of me though - probably because I am so big - or maybe they are shy because I have such pretty feathers next to their grays and browns! Sometimes they will answer me though...

Do you talk with the birds outside?

Miss Duke

PS. Thanks for lending me and my person your movie "Paulie". It was really fun! (a little scarey too!)

Shadow said...

I watch the outside birds, but I don't talk to them much. I'm too busy keeping an eye out for predators since that's one of my major duties around here. Of course, any time I see a predator suspect, you can be sure that I give it a talking (squawking) to!