Saturday, October 4, 2008


Do you like books? I love books. I can chew through an average size paperback in less than an hour. I do telephone books, too. I am illiterate, but I enjoy having stories read to me. They sound very nice, and I always chirp softly while I listen. My favorite book is If You Were a Parrot. Have you read it? What are some books that you like?


sometomato said...

Hi, Shadow!
I like books too! So does my owner, Kate. My favorite, tasty books are the art books on a shelf near my cage, although I have also tasted a cookbook or two! Mmmmm!

I am getting very inspired by your blog and might have to start a blog of my own. I hope to meet you someday and maybe get your autograph.

I am an African Gray Congo parrot and my name is Miss Duke. I am a good bird and very pretty too, if I do say so myself! I have met your person, but she tried to pet me too soon and I gave her a nip. She behaved more appropriately after that. Those people! Always trying to get too friendly too soon!

I will look forward to your next blog!

Miss Duke

Anonymous said...

Miss Duke - I don't think I have ever chewed any art books, but I bet they are tasty. Do you like to have people read books to you? I recommend it. It sounds very nice. I understand about the nipping. Sometimes you just have to nip to get a person to understand. I think you would be a very good blogger. You are very articulate. Let us know if you start one.