Sunday, October 12, 2008

More on Chores

There is a scary monster that lives in the closet. It’s big and blue and loud. It really roars. It roams around on the floor sniffing all over with it’s big, long nose, sucking up anything that gets in its way. It likes to come over to my cage and suck up all the bits of food that I’ve thrown out of my dish. Whenever it comes near, I squawk at the top of my lungs, but it doesn’t pay any attention to me. Even my mighty squawk cannot be heard over the monster’s terrible roar. I hate that thing. I guess they keep it around because it helps clean up the house, but I don’t like it at all. Vacuum cleaning is definitely the scariest household chore there is. What household chores are you afraid of? Tell us about them in the comments.


Unknown said...

Shadow, I heard my person talk about the dog who used to be here. He used to grab the vacuum cleaner and throw it in the air when it got too loud. It doesn't sound as if that made any difference, though. He would get put outside when anyone vacuumed, so squawking sounds smarter.


Anonymous said...

Cody - We parrots know that squawking is ALWAYS smarter.

Anonymous said...

Vacuum cleaners and all loud machine noises cause me to hide under the bed. I really don't like loud noises. But quiet chores like sweeping are lots of fun. Then I can chase the broom and attack the piles of dirt!

From Charcoal Springer, the cat

Anonymous said...

Oh we hate the vaccuum cleaner. Well, Mr. Thomasetti (a cockatiel that lives here) does not mind the vacuum because the store where he lived had people that put the snakey hose INTO his cage and VACUUMED up the poops and seed hulls. Can you imagine? There is also a little round vaccuum that roams around the floor. Momma does not have to follow it around, it just roams. We all thought it was scary at first. Now the mini-macaw that is in my flock is the only one who is still afraid.