Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I love sounds. Well, I guess that must be because I’m parrot. There are lots of interesting sounds to hear, but my favorite sounds of all are beeps. There are a couple of beepers living in our house. The microwave oven is a great beeper when it wants to be, but it isn’t a very good conversationalist. It’s quiet most of the time. The phone is much easier to talk to. Whenever it jumps off the receiver and starts dialing, I’m right there, beeping along with it. Do you like beeps? What sounds do you like?


Unknown said...

Shadow, It's been a long time since I've heard anything. I don't think about it much any more. But since you mentioned it, I liked the sound of the refrigerator door, and of the car starting, and of other dogs out for a walk and willing to visit. I've never heard you squawk when we go for our walks, but I bet I'd like that, too.


Anonymous said...

There is a pond near where I live. In the summer all the frogs in the pond chirp and croak and ribbit! I like hearing the frog noises all night from my window.

From Buttercup Springer

Anonymous said...

There is a smoke alarm that beeps sometimes. Sometimes if momma makes something smoke on the stove, it beeps. Sometimes it beeps once or twice a minute, then momma grumbles, gets a ladder and changes its battery. It is such a clear and loud sound. I make that sound, but slightly quieter than the smoke alarm. Hal

Shadow said...

Hal - I like smoke alarm beeps, too, but I don't get to hear them too much. I am sure you are a very pretty bird, but I was wondering: What kind of parrot are you?