Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Parrot Poetry

Although I am the poet in the family, my person also likes to try her hand at poetry writing from time to time. Some of her work is not too bad. Today I'd like to share one of my favorite poems by my person:

The Parrot
(with apologies to Edgar Allen Poe)

Once upon a morning dreary, while I glanced with eye so leery
Over many a crumbled cracker scattered on the once-clean floor
Suddenly I heard some talking, no I didn’t, it was squawking,
Yes, it was the parrot squawking: Polly wants crackers! She wants more!

Once my days were calm and quiet, there was no fuss, there was no riot,
But that was then, those long-gone days without a bird that came before.
Now my life is filled with screeching, parrot begging, bird beseeching,
With that phrase she’s oft heard shrieking: Polly wants crackers! She wants more!

Once my house was clean and polished, all intact, nothing demolished,
Crumbs picked up and dirt all gone, swept neatly out the kitchen door.
Now my things are all a-scatter, pencils chewed and books a-tatter,
And there is that constant chatter: Polly wants crackers! She wants more!

Now my back is always aching, picking up the mess she’s making.
Sweeping up a parrot’s clutter is a never-ending chore.
As I clean I hear it loud, the voice with which she’s been endowed,
As she announces, oh so proud: Polly wants crackers! She wants more!

Though I gripe, I often  ponder: Of this bird I can’t be fonder,
She makes a mess but she’s so cute, this little bird that I adore
A silent house might well disturb me, and I’m sure it would perturb me
No more to hear (it would unnerve me): Polly wants crackers! She wants more!

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