Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Scary Neighborhood

This neighborhood is full of predators. I can't understand why my people chose to live here.

First of all there are these scary monsters that come by every week or so. They run all over the lawns roaring and eating grass, but just because they eat grass doesn't mean that they wouldn't also want to take a bite out of a tasty parrot who just happened to be by the window.

Those are the regular predators but there are other ones that drop by occasionally. Like today there were these big scary ladders leaning up against the house across the street and every once in a while, completely without warning, they would move to another place and lean up against the house there. For all I know they were planning to come over here later on and lean up against this house just in case they might find a tasty parrot inside. I had to spend all day watching those scary things and warning my people with loud squawks every time the monsters moved.

You know, I don't know what my people would do without me to protect them. First of all, they moved to this dangerous place, and then they act as if it's completely safe. So I'm really busy a lot of the time warning them that danger is near.

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