Monday, December 2, 2013

A Book About Pancakes

Do you like pancakes? I love pancakes. I pretty much love eating anything that's starchy or floury -- bread, cookies, cereal, you name it. Pancakes are especially nice because my person usually puts blueberries or blackberries in them, and berries are full of something else I love -- seeds! So, the point is, because I love pancakes so much I can't be too jealous that my person's newest book is not about parrots, because it is about pancakes, and who could be unhappy about pancakes? Not me! The book is called The Naughty Pancake and you can read about it here. OK, so there's one problem with the book, for me, at least, -- it doesn't have any pages to chew. That's because it's an ebook. But even tho' you can't chew it, you can read the story and look at the pictures, and they're pretty nice.

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