Monday, December 16, 2013


OK, that scary snow is back again, sliding off the roof with big "whumps!" and making everything outside all white. It would be dangerous for a little green parrot like me to go outside at a time like this. Think how easy it would be for a predator to spot me in my pretty green feathers. I understand there are some animals out there that turn white in the winter time for that very reason. While I am sure that is a strategy that works very well for them, I have to wonder: Why bother? Why go to all the trouble of changing color when you could just stay inside out of harm's way? And on top of getting to stay your normal color, you would get to be in a warm place with a full food dish. It works for me! Well, there's just no understanding some animals.

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sometomato said...

Shadow, you are so smart and so right, too! Miss Duke and I heartily agree!