Monday, June 25, 2012


When we were out for our walk yesterday, my person and I came upon a woodpecker. It was pecking away on the trunk of a tree right next to the road. It was very friendly and didn't seem to mind at all when we stopped to watch it for a while. I really enjoyed the loud tap tap tapping noise it made. Of course the reason it was tapping away like that was because it was looking for insects to eat. That part doesn't sound so enjoyable to me. Although my food repertoire is quite broad, I don't think I need to add insects to it. Give me a sunflower seed any day. What I really admired about the woodpecker was its feet, very similar to mine, with two toes facing forwards and two facing backwards. With those feet, it could climb straight up the tree trunk the way I climb up my person's leg. A very talented bird. I hope we meet up again someday when I'm out for another walk.

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sometomato said...

Dear Shadow:

I like to talk to the woodpecker when he comes to visit me. He does not have a very big vocabulary but he says "PEEEK!" and I say "PEEEEK!" Then he will say "PEEEEK!" and I will reply "PEEEEK!" The conversation usually goes on for several minutes.
Handsome guy but he doesn't have much to say and he repeats himself a lot.

Enjoy the nice days! I know that I sure do!

Your friend,
Miss Duke