Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Friend the Paper Shredder

I was hanging out with the paper shredder the other day and we had a fine old time together. While it was busy shredding paper, I cheered it along with a chorus of squawks. That's always fun. The paper shredder and I have a good deal in common. For one, we both shred paper and for two, we both like to make noise. Although I have to say, the paper shredder is rather repetitive in its methods. When it shreds paper, every piece comes out the same shape, long and thin. And it always makes the same noise while it works -- whirr whine whirr whine. I, on the other hand, enjoy shredding paper into all kinds of shapes, some large, some small, and each one unique. I also toss them all over the place instead of letting them all fall neatly into a black box like the paper shredder does. Well,we each have our own way of doing things. That's what makes the world go round, right?


Ruby Badcoe said...

It’s great that you found a friend in your paper shredder. =) However, you better tell your person that she should maintain the shredder regularly for it to function well and last for a long time. Care to give us a glimpse of what it looks like?

Shadow said...

Thanks for your comment, Ruby. I will ask my person to take a picture of the paper shredder, though I always feel a bit nervous when the camera comes out. It has that creepy eye/lense that moves in and out, so I always have to attack it.

Milliscent Morgan said...
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