Sunday, June 17, 2012

Singing and Squawking

I had an interesting experience with a thrush this afternoon. It was in the woods behind our house singing its thrush song, so I decided to see if I could strike up a conversation with it. I squawked, it sang its thrush song. I squawked again, it sang its thrush song again. I tried out all my best squawks, but I couldn't get it to squawk back. It just kept singing its silly thrush song. So then I tried my telephone and microwave beeps, and I even threw in a few "pretty birds", but still it just kept singing that thrush song. Hmph. I guess some birds only want to sing what they want to sing, unlike we parrots, who know the joy of imitating any sound that comes our way. So I don't know what the big deal about songbirds is. All they do is sing, whereas a parrot can sing, squawk, talk, beep, honk, and lots more, too.

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