Monday, December 27, 2010


Sometimes my person can be so mean. Yesterday she was walking around with that nasty little vacuum cleaner, letting it run its snout all around my cage and play area. That was bad enough, but then she looked behind the printer and discovered a nest I had been making. I had done quite a lot of work on it and filled up that cozy little dark corner with popsicle stick splinters and chewed-up bits of cardboard, including all the pieces from the raisin box my aunt sent me for Christmas. I had done a pretty good job on that nest, if I do say so myself. But instead of praising me for a job well done and instead of respecting my space, what do you think my person did? She let that nasty little vacuum cleaner get in there and suck everything up. I stood on top of my cage and squawked my protests the whole time, but no one paid any attention to poor little me. It’s kind of confusing because usually my person is very nice. She cuddles me and gives me head scratches and feeds me treats and keeps my water bottle and food dish full, but then she goes and pulls something like this. What a meanie.

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