Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So I’m sitting on the windowsill this morning, enjoying the beautiful spring day and listening to the outside birds. There were phoebes, mourning doves, chickadees, dumb robins, a whole lot of different birds. It was quite a melodious bird conversation that was going on and I was trying to figure out what everyone was talking about, and contributing my two cents worth, too, when all of a sudden the house started to shake and there was a deep rumble in the distance that kept getting closer and closer and closer…then this giant truck comes roaring by. Well, that scary predatory thing sure had me squawking and flapping, and I flew right to the safety of my cage as fast as I could. Now I don’t know when I’ll feel safe enough to sit on the windowsill again. Sheesh. All it takes is one monster truck to spoil a good time.

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