Sunday, May 9, 2010

Good Morning!

Getting up in the morning is the very best part of the day, don’t you think? I usually wake up before my person, so I sit in my cage and wait for to come take the cover off and let me out. Sometimes she sleeps a little too long, then I have to squawk to let her know that morning is here and it’s time to greet the new day. It’s always very exciting when I hear her coming into the room, then she pulls the cover off my cage, and I am so excited I squawk and whoop for joy. Then my person puts fresh food in my dish, including a few walnut pieces, which is very exciting too. I usually eat the walnuts right away. Then I go to the kitchen to help my person make her breakfast (which she shares with me). Morning is so exciting. It’s definitely my favorite time of day. What about you? What time of day you like best?

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