Saturday, May 1, 2010

More on Books

My person went to a used book sale a few days ago and came back with a box full of books. Right on top of the pile was one called “Guide to Training Your Parrot.” The good thing about that book is that it is full of pretty pictures of pretty birds, including the prettiest birds of all – nanday conures. But next time my person goes to a book sale, I wish that she would bring back a book for me – “Guide to Training Your Person” – because I sure could use a few tips (and that’s a book I would read before chewing). My person is always doing stuff like taking away pens and books right when I’m in the middle of chewing them and locking me up in my cage when she’s cooking dinner, which is, of course, the exact time when I want to be out of my cage and in the kitchen. She’s full of annoying habits like that which I’d like to train her out of. At least I have her trained to come when I squawk, so that’s something.

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