Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Scary Cleaning Day

Yesterday was one of those scary cleaning days—you know, when the vacuum cleaner gets out of the closet. That nasty, roaring thing really freaks me out. I used to fly as fast as I could to the nearest dark corner to hide whenever I saw that thing. Now that I am fairly certain it isn’t going to actually eat me, I stay by my cage to defend it. You better believe I squawk at the top of my lungs whenever that thing starts sniffing around near my cage, but loud as my squawk is, it gets drowned out by the vc’s terrible roar. The worst part is when the vc sticks its long snaky nose right up next to my cage and starts sucking up all the crumbs that I have left scattered around. If that isn’t adding insult to injury! Not only does it freak me out with all its loud noises, but then it goes and eats the crumbs I have been carefully collecting for my own snacks. I sure hate that thing. I don’t know why my person keeps it around.

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