Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Flossing the Beak

I’m quite interested in dental floss. I always ask for a piece when my person is using it. I sure wish I had some teeth so I could pull the floss between them. It’s fascinating watching my person do that—it looks like so much fun. However, chewing on it with my beak is kind of fun, too. I especially enjoy the cinnamon-flavored kind. After a few chews, I drop the floss on the floor. That’s how we parrots enjoy things. Then next time the floss comes out, I’m right there asking for more. Dental floss is a really fun toy, don’t you think?

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sometomato said...

Hi, Shadow!
I haven't tried dental floss yet, but I guess I should.... It sounds interesting.

I have been having a lot of fun lately chewing things up - like magazines, and my new parrot pinata, and yesterday I started in on a big cardboard box. So much fun! The thing I don't get though - is if my person gives me all these neat toys, how come she gets so upset when she has to pick up all the little pieces off the floor?
Where does she think I should put the pieces? Does she expect ME to pick them up? Do you have this problem too?

Best squawks,
Miss Duke