Monday, July 6, 2009

House Guests

Do you like house guests? I love house guests! That's because they always give me a lot of attention. They tell me what a pretty bird I am and let me sit on their shoulders and squawk in their ears. They scratch my head and give me treats. Most of them are like that. Once in a while we have a guest who doesn't seem to want to come near me. I don't get it because I really am a friendly bird. I mean, sometimes I squawk a bit loudly and on occasion I bite, but it doesn't really mean anything. But what can you do? Anyhow, most house guests are very friendly with me. What about you? What do you do when guests come to your house?

1 comment:

Brubeck said...

Well, I like to poop on their shoulders! Dylan likes to fly at them suddenly, causing them to spill a drink or some food. We have a lot of fun!