Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Do you like being alone? I don't. That's because we parrots are flock animals so we don't feel happy if we're away from the flock. Fortunately, my person spends a lot of time with me, but when she leaves the house, she leaves me all alone in my cage. Then I have to find a way to pass the time. For a while it's all right. I eat some pellets and hold my toothbrush and ring my bell. I might chew a popsicle stick or a bottle cap, and I always take a bath in my water dish. But if my person still hasn't come back after I've finished doing all those things, then I don't like it. I sit on my perch and keep my ears cocked so I can hear her the minute she opens the kitchen door. Then I squawk with joy. I feel so happy when my person comes home and I don't have to be alone anymore. What about you? What do you do when you're alone?

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