Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Latest Parrot Poetry

I’m Glad
by Shadow

I’m glad that I shall never be
A robin living in a tree
Up and singing before dawn
Seeking worms out on the lawn
Outside whether rain or sun
That’s a life that is not fun
Inside I am snug and warm
My cage protects me from all harm
Food is always in my dish.
I have all a bird could wish


spangle said...

nice poem.im verry touched!!!

Unknown said...

In her latest poem, "I'm Glad", Shadow has confronted the universal and timeless conflict of freedom vs. security. Shadow has chosen security in a bold verse that makes no apologies for living the soft life of a kept bird. I am sure that her poem will generate much controversy and debate in the avian scene. I look forward to her next work.

Anonymous said...


When I'm sleeping and eating, I like to be inside, and I like the floors clean, and I like my soft beds in each room. I love going out to check my peemail and especially to go for a ride in the car. This human of mine used to be better at getting me outside, but she's better at having soft beds everywhere now. Something lost and something gained living every day.