Thursday, April 2, 2009

Animals With Feathers

I saw the funniest thing this morning as I was looking out the window. A bunch of turkeys were walking through the woods behind the house......just walking slowly along in a line, funny fat things. Turkeys are strange creatures. First of all, any parrot could tell you that hanging out on the ground like that is just asking for trouble. You might as well squawk at the top of your lungs:"Here I am, predators! Come eat me now!" And second of all, those dull brown feathers! Not pretty. I suppose at this time of year they're useful camouflage, but I'll bet that as spring moves along and things start turning green, those turkeys will be wishing they had pretty green parrot feathers to help them hide from predators. I'm sure glad I'm a smart, pretty parrot and not a dumb, brown turkey walking through the woods.

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