Thursday, April 30, 2009

State Birds

Do you know the official bird of your state? You can find out here. There are some nice birds on the list, like chickadees and cardinals, and even those dumb robins show up on it a few times but, can you believe it, there's not one parrot on that list. Not one. What's the point of having state birds if not even one of them can be a parrot?


Anonymous said...

My state bird is the cardinal, which I think is boring and unoriginal. I used to live in the state with the Baltimore Oriole as the state bird, which was much more fun and unique. I think state birds should not be common and ubiquitious, but should be rare and beautiful, like say, parrots!

sometomato said...

This is Miss Duke the African Gray here. Well, I agree. However, some of those dull brown birds have really pretty songs. For instance, my person says the bird for our state is a wood thrush. Now I have never seen this bird and she says she has only seen it a few times, but we love to sit on the porch and listen to the thrushes call (early mornings and evenings). I have to admit their songs are really beautiful. Sometimes I try to call like that but I haven't got it yet!
I wish these bird would have some pretty feathers so I could see who is making that pretty song!