Friday, August 18, 2023


I enjoy reading the morning paper along with my people. I'll look at any page my people happen to be reading, but the comics page is my favorite. I really enjoy hearing my people laugh!

Of course newspapers have many uses besides reading. They are very useful as napkins after you have finished your morning oatmeal. Just chew along the edge of a page and the oatmeal will come off, eventually. Sometimes you have to finish the job by wiping your beak on your person's sleeve. Newspapers are also nice to chew just for fun. I have spent many a happy hour shredding the newspapers that line the bottom of my cage. And last but not least, about the most important use of a newspaper is to catch your droppings that fall to the bottom of your cage. I have heard of people using electronic newspapers but I can't understand how that would work. How would you chew an electronic newspaper? Could you poop on one? So confusing! Anyhow, I find the paper newspapers that arrive at our house very useful. How do you like to use newspapers?

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